1 Billion CASH

1 Billion CASH

Model: PS5 Chopchop



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Yes, we require access to your account to deposit the funds, but the process is completely secure. We understand your concerns about security, but we assure you that our team of professionals has years of experience and not a single account has been compromised during our operation. Confidentiality and security of client data are our top priority. After the process is completed, we strongly recommend changing your account password for additional security.

That's not a problem! We can fulfill the order even if your account does not have the initial 200,000 GTA$. Our team will do everything necessary to ensure you receive the funds you ordered.

Yes, you will receive the full amount you ordered directly to your GTA 5 Online account. Moreover, every client receives guaranteed bonuses with their orders, making the deal even more profitable!

We strongly recommend that you contact us immediately after placing the order, as this can significantly expedite the delivery process and help avoid any potential issues. Our support team is always available and ready to provide you with timely updates on the status of your order. Stay in touch, and we guarantee your experience will be as enjoyable and carefree as possible.

No, our methods are completely safe. We use unique techniques that ensure 100% security for our clients' accounts.

Once you have placed an order and provided the necessary information, we recommend refraining from playing until the process is completed, to ensure a quick and smooth crediting of funds.

  • Delivery time depends on the platform:
    • Playstation: guaranteed time within 24 hours, with an optional acceleration of the process to 6 or 12 hours.
    • XBOX: guaranteed time within 48 hours, with an optional acceleration to 24 hours.
    • PC: guaranteed time within 24 hours, with an optional acceleration of the process to 6 or 12 hours.
  • We do everything possible to ensure fast and efficient delivery on every order.

We offer various packages to cater to the needs of different players. However, if you wish to order an amount different from those offered in the packages, please contact our support service, and we will try to find a custom solution for you.

If work on your account has not yet started, you can request an order cancellation. However, if the process has already been initiated, we will be unable to halt it and refund the money. Please be confident in your decision before placing an order.

We frequently offer promotions and discounts on our services. Keep an eye on updates on our website or social media so you don't miss out on great deals. We have also developed a special loyalty program for our regular customers.

Of course! If you have any questions or concerns before purchasing, our support team is always ready to help. We can discuss your needs and help choose the best service package for you.

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